Friday, August 25, 2006

Slackware-current @ RC2 status ... Slack v11.0 should appear any day now!!

As you can see in the Slackware-current changelog, -current is at RC2 and has been for a few days.

I'm currently at RC1 on my main workstation...AND using the 2.6 kernel! As that machine uses SATA, I had a bit of a time getting my SATA drive to be seen. The box would boot (the main drive uses EIDE) but I couldn't reach out to my other drives installed in that machine. Well, all it took was to activate the proper module (I'll reference the driver later) to get SATA enabled again.

I've had no issues with RC1, but I'd like to upgrade my Toshiba to RC1 sometime this weekend, so see if there are any wireless issues. My Dell needs to be upgraded to RC1 also, but I hardly use the Linux partition on that laptop.

Other than that, Slackware is chugging along fine on my machines (and my public website at
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