Sunday, August 27, 2006

Slack-current now at RC3 status -- v11.0 release imminent !!

August 25th proved to be quite an active day for the -current changelog.

So, today, I've rsynced a mirror to my local mirror. FYI, I use the following when I rsync:

rsync --delete --progress --delete-excluded --exclude source/ --exclude zipslack/ -lpvrtz /mnt/backup/ftp/pub/mirrors/slackware/

When I rsynced, I did it at 1:51PM and it finished at 1:57PM:

sent 381697 bytes received 545507254 bytes 1489465.08 bytes/sec
total size is 1890230078 speedup is 3.46

That's a pretty fast update in 6 minutes! Gotta love FiOS!

Anyways, when it is quiet today, I'll rsync my tower to RC3 then maybe do the same for my Toshiba (which is running v10.1, I think).
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