Monday, August 07, 2006


I've semi-updated the mirrors list. This list documents which Slackware mirrors contain ISOs for download. The title of the page is misleading, as it was created when v9.0 was considered fresh. I've checked the links and every link that is working contains v10.2.

I'll go through to see which mirrors were added since my previous update, then I'll update my pages to reflect the new mirrors.


I've stopped editing, as it appears that almost every mirror now contains .iso files for the latest versions of Slackware. When this page was initially constructed, many users complained that they couldn't find .iso files on the mirrors, which wasn't the case. I immediately went through all the mirrors published on and found approximately 10 that offered .iso files.

I may remove that page, as it is currently useless.]

On a side note, I've recently had Verizon's FiOS installed in my home. All I can say is, IT FLIES! And, I can't get enough of the router itself, an Actiontec MI424WR wireless router that appears to be much much more than a SOHO router, as it has TONS of options and configurability. I'm going to be enjoying this router and hope to keep it once my 1-year contract has ended. The only thing my previous router (Linksys WRT54GX4) has that is better is better wireless range, and that's because its a MIMO (three antennas) router.

I'll keep you guys posted on the FiOS front.

Also, it appears that Slackware has been releasing a ton of bugfixes. Let me restate: it isn't a Slackware-related issue; the updates are related to software (MySQL, Apache...). There has also been a lot of activity in regards to regular -current updates. I'm hoping this means v11.0 is almost ready. I've ben rsync'ing like crazy lately, trying to keep current on -current (LOL).

OK, its late here. G'night!
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