Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Worked on...

Reconfigured mnwclient so that I can provide FW logs to MyNetworkWatchman (which is similar to Dshield).

I'd much rather get Dshield working on the Linode but for some reason, I been having difficulties using their supplied clients. I'll continue to work on it, as I had it working prior to the last Linode upgrade.

With that in mind, at some time I'm going to have to upgrade the Linode from v12.0 to v12.2.


Monday, March 02, 2009

What I've installed on the Mini so far...

So far, I've installed the following on my Dell Mini:

tcpdump (IMO, this is a mandatory package...should've been installed by default)
gdesklets (I'm going to remove this because desktop space is at a premium)

That's it, so far. Surprisingly, I find myself not needing much more than what apps are already installed. Then again, I've had the Mini for less than a week. :)

EDIT: also installed 'locate' but the install didn't include the updatedb.conf file...working on that now.