Sunday, May 22, 2005


There's an obscure (not well known) Slackware-based live-CD called Goblinx that may be of interest to a few. I've not tried this distribution yet, but will soon.

I'm interested in how it compares to Slax. I've used Slax off and on and even a few times at work as a rescue CD. There's also a security-oriented version (formerly Whoppix) called Whax ( Whoppix was based off of Knoppix and Whax is based off of Slax, which is based off of Slackware...they are the same authors who developed Whoppix, but changed the distribution of use and the name of their product.

If anyone has tried both of these, I'm interested in a comparison of both and a listing of their pros and cons when in relation to each other.

Lastly, there's also Stratux. For more info (there's nothing but a torrent file on it's site), visit ##slackware or #stratux on

New Blog

Hi all. This is my 4th blog. I try to divide subject-matter by blog to make it easier to read my blog posts.

This blog will focus on the Slackware Linux distribution. I've also a Slackware Package blog and may attempt to consolidate that and this one in the future.

Anyways, enjoy!