Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Power adapters and other news

Wouldn't it be nice if the laptop empire joined forces and standardized laptop power adapter cords? I've several laptop and each requires a dedicated cord. I forgot my cord for my Mini today...fortunately, it has a decent charge, but I now have to watch consumption of power. Good thing my Macbook is in my truck. May have to go get it!

Other news:

I'm still trying to script FW log parsing. I've pretty much nailed it for my BSD machine, but will need to edit what I have, as the script parses and adds IPs to a block list. Sometimes, I just want to parse and find the top 10 offenders. I also still need to do this on my Linux machines. I've a script that parses (for Linux) but it is very rudimentary. And, I still want to port the script to Perl or Python.
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