Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tcpdump, Dell Mini, and BASE

So, I'm wondering why tcpdump is missing from the default install of my Dell's Ubuntu...doesn't make sense. I was having issues with getting my wifi card associated with my WAP and wanted to see the packets leaving the wireless interface, so I tried to bring up tcpdump, but it wasn't available. I actually had to hook a cat5 cable to the Mini to get this package, just to troubelshoot. I noticed the same thing with Suse about a year ago.

Apparently, tcpdump was created on the permissive free software license, per Wikipedia. I don't know if this is actually GPL or a derivative of GPL. The manpage doesn't mention what license tcpdump falls under and I'm sometimes wary of Wikipedia, as I like to find the facts on my own to validate (or invalidate) internet claims.

I'll research this and post my findings here.

On another note, I found a very cool bag for my Dell Mini, at Dell's website. I'll try to post pics and a link soon (from my Macbook, as the Mini's keyboard slows me down a bit).

Lastly, I somehow broke access to my MySQL database, so now my snort sensors won't report to it. It's been down for about 2 weeks and I don't have the time to fix it. I'm going on vacation for my birthday and hope to have some personal (ie, QUIET) time to myself to fix this. I'll be visiting my parents for my birthday this weekend and will see about shelling in to fix it remotely.
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