Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ubuntu 16.04, Fail2ban and Postfix...Ugh...

So, I've been trying to get Fail2ban working with Postfix.

It has been a bit of a hassle and I'm still not sure if I've got it working properly.

First, when I edit jail.conf to enable the postfix configuration, Fail2ban stops working when I add a ports listing.

Second, I've got it running without errors but can see that Fail2ban isn't blocking incoming bruteforcing attempts on Postfix.  I can see the attacks happening in the mail logs but can't see Fail2ban blocking them.  The Postfix jail is showing when I run "fail2ban-client status".

I've a crapload of studying up to do, as I just found the man pages for fail2ban-client.

I need to configure for FTP and HTTP as well.  SSH is already done.

UPDATE (1/15/2017) - I now have Fail2ban working with more than just SSH.  I'm running it to monitor Apache and Xinetd, as well as MySQL and php-url-fopen attacks.  But I'm stills struggling with getting it to track Postfix brute-forcing attempts.
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