Saturday, May 16, 2015

Linux - User Account Management, Part II

In my post titled, "Linux - User Account Management, Part I," I talked about how to check a user's account for expiration.  I set a user account to expire on 5/15/2015.  It is now 5/16/2015.  The user account has expired.  When I attempt to log into this account, it shows as expired:
ron@slackbox:~$ su nor
Your login has expired.  Contact the system administrator.
 To re-enable the account, I will use either of the following commands:
usermod -e yyyy-mm-dd username
chage -E yyyy-mm-dd username 
When running the chage command, there's no message or prompt after execution. I'm able to log back in without issue.

Next, we'll learn how to set the number of days until a password change is required.  We'll set the password to expire for 30 days:
ron@slackbox:~$ron@slackbox:~$ sudo chage -M 30 nor
ron@slackbox:~$ sudo chage -l nor
Last password change                                 : May 10, 2015
Password expires                                     : Jun 09, 2015
Password inactive                                    : never
Account expires                                      : Dec 31, 2015
Minimum number of days between password change       : 0
Maximum number of days between password change       : 30
Number of days of warning before password expires    :  7  
We'll check this account again after 30 days and use the 'password -u nor' command to re-enable the expired password at that time.

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