Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Time-saving Tips - Linux Journal

Wow.  I was reading the below link, to refresh myself with screen (I've been slacking with admin'ing my Linux machines, and I rarely get the chance to log in via CLI.

I tried the bit in the article here:

...[L]et's say I want to run a git push command again, but I don't remember exactly which one. So I press Ctrl-r and start typing "push". This will match the most recent command, but I actually want the one before that, and I don't remember a better fragment to type. The solution is to press Ctrl-r again, in the middle of my current search, as that jumps to the next matching command.
My mind was blown away.  I've never used that method.  I always referenced 'history', found the ID# for the command I needed, then typed "!ID" (example, !2015), which would run the command.  I'm still in the middle of the article (just two pages), but I'm going to skim over LJ articles during the next few days since I'm off until next Monday...I need to force myself to become more immersed in *nix.

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