Monday, January 14, 2013

Game Console Hard Drives

Back in 2005, I bought an Xbox 360 that had a 20GB hard disk.  A few years after purchase, I bought a refurbished 120GB drive from for $ was a nice upgrade.  I swapped out the little drive for the bigger one and continued to play my games (putting the 20GB drive in my parts bin...I never throw anything away when it comes to computer parts).

Later, the Xbox 360 experienced the Red Ring of Death (RRD).  I took it apart with the idea that maybe the CPU needed new thermal paste.  It did, as the old paste was pretty much done.  I removed the old and put on some new paste, but this didn't solve the issue.  I think by the time it experienced the RRD, the CPU was cooked.  So I bought a new hard drive.

I transferred my data from the old drive to the new drive and put the 120GB into the parts bin.

Around the RRD issue, the PS3 also died.  It was an original PS3 (80GB drive version).  The Blu-Ray stopped reading, which meant that I couldn't play any games, since it couldn't read disks.  We put the system to the side and bought a new one.  Well, maybe 2 months ago, I decided to trash the system (removed the drive for privacy reasons).  I've decided to keep the drive.

So, I've three (3) hard drives from 3 different gaming systems.  The 20GB is probably next to useless, but I'll  probably end up using it somewhere (somehow).  I might be able to use the 160GB drive (a WD unit) in my Macbook, since it only has an 80GB drive and I keep maxing it out.  Or, I can use it as a backup drive instead.  Same with the 80GB Seagate that was in the PS3.

Now, did you see what I just stated?  Did you notice that I stated in the first paragraph that the Xbox 360 had a 120GB drive and in the paragraph above, I stated that it was a 160GB drive?  Well, surprise.  I opened the HDD case, which was labeled "120GB HDD", and found that the drive is actually 160GB in size!  It has model WD16000BEVT on the label, and a big "160GB" in bold.

I just need to find out which cabling I need to turn these into external drives, which means I'll need some external HDD cases, as well.

I love my toys.  :)
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