Saturday, June 23, 2012

BSD machine still not fixed; Slackware bullet-proof as usual...

So, I've had some time to play with my Slackware install.  I should actually upgrade to the latest, but I think I might try to get that BSD system back up this weekend.  I did upgrade firefox on the Slack machine, was running a VERY old version (v2.x.x, I believe).  I'm running v12.0 now via my regular user account.

I'm tempted to install phpBB3 onto this machine (that's why I want to get into that BSD box...I'd just installed phpBB3 and had a very nice site that contained all my system and sysadmin notes that I've collected over the years...been using that software as a data repository since 2003 or so, on a very old system that runs phpBB2).

I've no real plans this weekend or maybe even the next (no autocross scheduled until next weekend and I'm opting out of that).  That should give me time to delve into the BSD issue as well as wiping the replacement system and installing the latest Slack.

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