Monday, April 09, 2012

Snortreport install

I remember running snortreport awhile back and liked it. I want to try to use it again, but I was having issues installing it in FreeBSD.

It appears that the FreeBSD port of snortreport requires php4. I'm currently using php5 and want to run snortreport with minimal fuss. I do not want to try to run both php5 (for Apache and phpBB3) and php4, as it will break the server. There are several tutorials on how to run both but as I said, I don't want any fuss.

So, I delved a bit into the ports and makefiles. I looked at the makefile for snortreport and decided to remove the php check that stops me from installing the port. It then choked on jpgraph (a dependency) appears that jpgraph is actually the port that requires php4. I was going to edit the makefile for jpgraph to allow the install (by commenting out the line that checks for php4), but saw that there is another version of jpgraph called jpgraph2. I looked at that port's makefile and it didn't check for php4 (it did check for php5). I went ahead and installed jpgraph2 instead, then installed snortreport without any warning/error messages.

So, for those of you that want snortreport on FreeBSD and want to leverage the ports system, you can get around the php4 dependency issue by just installing jpgraph2.

Of course, I still have to fully get snortreport up and running before I claim 100% success, right? ;)
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