Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Moving my older domains

So I had hosted at, but ran into issues with them that appear to be recurring.  I previously purchased MobileMe for my mac machines (I can archive data as well as use it's e-mail system and web page authoring), but since Apple is killing MM and migrating to iCloud, some of those capabilities are disappearing.  I decided to host my pages myself, using, but apparently they are idiots.  I sometimes need to shell into the environment to make changes and I've been trying to pipe the data hosted on MM to but they keep locking my account.  I've sent several nastygrams asking them to lessen the lockout threshold on their shell accounts, but they keep blaming the user and not really investigating, sending cookie-cutter responses and such.  So I told them I'm going to discontinue their services as soon as I migrate the data.

So far, I've moved over to my Linode account.  I've moved my SV1000 blog and site to, and my Apple blog was moved to  I'd never used subdomains before, so that was new to me.  I also had never delved in DNS, as I had to map my subdomains to my Linode account.  Using the Linode tools and a bit of research, I was able to do this seamlessly.  I now have functional subdomains.

I'm going to eventually have everything consolidated on the Linode.  The big one will be migrating my e-mail to my Linode system...I think that's going to be painful.

I will move the rest of the data soon and discontinue using's services within 30 days.

Note that this has nothing to do with Slackware in itself, but I wanted to capture this move in one of my blogs.

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