Sunday, February 14, 2010

Playing with the logs again

So, I've some logging going on. I typically look at my auth logs and my FW logs that reside within /var/log. I also archive my bruteforce blocking FW table (PF), as the table dumps when I reboot or when the system loses power.

I consolidated these logs into one massive file (333,603 IPs). Yes, there are probably many repeat IPs, but that's OK. Several (26 of them, consisting of two unique IPs) are when I accidentally blocked myself.

I took the resulting file and did this:

cat top10_1.txt | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn

which resulted in this file.

The IPs with a count of '238' are obviously part of a distributed brute forcing botnet...its intriguing the way it is depicted within this hack's output. Also, the actual number of unique IPs recorded is 2377.

Now, maybe I should script something to provide me something like this on a daily basis...meaning, I'd like to see only that day's activity (right now, I'm crunching logs from at least a year back).

Also, this is from my FreeBSD machine, which runs PF, has port 22 open to the world (locked down service, though), has port 3306 open, and is my security box.
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