Thursday, August 06, 2009

Non-Slackware post

Working on my Dell Mini with gOS installed, I've edited the dock bar to include Mozilla's Thunderbird. Basically I edited .wbar in my ~/home dir...I've added the following:

i: /usr/share/icons/gOS3_Icons/scalable/apps/mozilla-thunderbird.png
c: glaunch thunderbird.desktop
t: Thunderbird

I added this under the Firefox entry.

The dock looked like this before the change:

The dock now looks like this:

I actually had to experiment with this. Apparently, the gOS forums lack this documentation, as I haven't seen any documentation on how to change the dock's format, so I'm posting it here.

EDIT: Wbarconf under "gOS/accessories" is apparently the tool to use to edit the dock bar. Found that tidbit of info here. Note the date of Oct 2008. Although I found the answer on my own, I searched the internet after I applied my edit, checking to see how prevalent the info is...its not that prevalent. That's about the only hit I got, other than one other explaining to download some GUI tool that would allow editing of the dock.

EDIT: Another link describing how to edit the dock bar. Look for "How to add edit and delete the content of the "dock" (Wbar)"

Also, after reading Linux Format LXF119, I've decided to try some hard disk information tools: Filelight, a tool that shows graphical representation of hard disk usage and HardInfo, which is a system profiler/benchmarker. Screenshots are below. Both are decent tools and I recommend them.



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