Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Mini is here!

My Dell Mini has arrived. Went to pick it up at the local Fedex facility last night.

It came in a LITTLE box. Basically, it was just the netbook and the adapter that were in the box, with a few CDs and documents.

I took it out and plugged it up and the battery was almost fully charged already, but I charged it anyways.

The keypad is small and my big hands don't help much but the unit itself is pretty slick.

The tech specs are below:

32gb SSD drive
1.3mb vidcam
1gb RAM
Ubuntu Linux OS
Black in color

I opted for no bluetooth but now I'm thinking maybe I should've went that route (although it would've jacked up the price.

I now need a case. For now, I'm carrying it in my work laptop's bag.

My immediate problem is that it won't connect to any wireless networks, either at home or at work. I did a quick search and this appears to be a known issue. I'll have to delve more into this. When I attempt to have it automatically apply the wireless setting and check those settings, the settings are blank (no IP or DNS). Manually applying them doesn't help.

So, I'll be occupied the next few days... :)

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