Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Recent Happenings

I've added 2 more GB to my gaming system (the Ultra that I bought from TigerDirect 2 yrs ago). The system now has a total of 4GB. It runs Windows XP, so its only seeing 3.25GB of the installed 4GB, as I'm running XP 32-bit. I need to either go to Vista or install XP 64-bit. I may just wait until the new version of Windows desktop is released.

I've also begun to (again) monitor my internal LAN traffic at home. I broke down my security systems this past Fall because I bought a house and had to move. I wanted to reinstall my external IDS but didn't want to run an ethernet tap yet, so I used the same machine to just log internal traffic for now. Later, I'll have this machine start a separate Snort process that will monitor external traffic via the tap.

I need to upgrade my Slackware boxes to v12.2. The current boxes are running v12.0, including my Linode ( I'll try to do this soon, although this will require upgrading from v12.0 to v12.1, then v12.1 to v12.2.

I'll also begin to attempt to convert all (which isn't many) my BASH scripts that manipulate text (FW log parsing scripts and such) to Perl. This is mainly as an exercise to force myself to learn Perl. I could also do Python. This is an educational 2009 goal for me. :)
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