Friday, December 21, 2007

e-GeForce 7300 GT fan issues

The fan on this card, which I purchased last March, seized. It appears to be removable. Instead of returning it, I'm going to see about adding another fan (I just need to find one that will clamp on without issues).

I ordered another one eariler in the week and will use this one while I'm repairing the other's fan (in fact, I'll order an additional fan for when the new one's fan breaks).

Why am I putting up with replacing the fan and buying an additional fan for the new one? Because the card is AWESOME! The fan issue totally sucks and the card is still under warranty, but I can tell that these cards have bad fans and this is a design defect, I believe. If I can replace the fan with one that clamps on at the same clamp-on points, I'll be happy. If not, I'll return both before the warranties end and get the fanless versions.

Click here for some TigerDirect reviews of this card.

EDIT: WHOA... I just opened the box of my replacement 7300 and saw that they've changed the fan to something that is hopefully more robust. It is an open fan and is black plastic. EVGA must have had too many complaints and decided that a new fan was in order. I'll post pics later.
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