Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Slackware v11.0 Preorder

Slackware is offering Slackware v11.0 for preorder. This probably means that v11.0 will be released to the public soon. I'm still running a version of Slackware-current that is a few months out-of-date, but my goal is to update to the latest soon, so I can be as current as possible for v11.0 (not that it makes a real difference).

Also, for those of you that don't update your Slackware installation much, you need to become familiar with this page: Slackware's Security Advisiories.

Lastly, for you guys and gals who want to run firewalls on your machines, I've finally put got IPTABLES running on, using Arno's Firewall Script. This script is very intuitive and you can customize it to your server's needs. I highly recommend at least giving the script a try.
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